Who Pays For The Well And Septic System?

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Septic systems can create a smelly situation – literally. In rural areas where homeowners associations do not exist, septic tanks and fields are solely the responsibility of the homeowners. This is usually true for water well too. These types of systems can be a bonus to buyers as there are no monthly fees for water or sewage collected. However septic tanks will need to periodically be pumped, and a well pump may require replacement if it fails.

In some communities with homeowner associations, septic fields and wells may be shared and monitoring fees may be assessed. In The Point community for instance, all septic systems must have an alarm to warn when there is a problem or they are filling up, and maintenance agreements required. It is important to ask your realtor what fees if any are assessed for the property in the community you are considering.

Depending on your household size and usage, septic tanks should be pumped every few years at a local cost between $200-$300 in the Mooresville area. Well pump replacement can run upwards of $500.

When purchasing a home with a well or septic systems, it is advisable to have an inspection performed during the due diligence period to determine if there are any problems with the septic system or the quality of the well water.